20 mm. A.A. Gun

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Tnlc. e. ho Cown the front ends of the Cltch. ard .. z ine. rch may be disengaged w~t:,out c::e neceuity o{ shipping a magazin~ by pr~sing down thl.! forward ends of the catch. 3~:e ;oei. rd end! of the C3tch are vl$iblc in Fiiure lS. r nOX-\Yben shippine " m:1~azioe che C

R 1u::d w:re bi6:"':'e. r. ~ £~5. :? nd ()[. :1~ 1 :. 'ur<: 43. ·ci. -coi:. Ju. :r c~~in~ cushions th·.. r:" nttUk JrotOp! eaivn. m: 2~. tnC. ~t.. 'C'il Oo;t i! trike- (\1r. al'nm~r. rl1cr. ··t! ~~cC ir. ' ... u·r. ::n::~: ~rt 1 •• c ........ : o{ th~ hamn~¢:" h:o ~a .. a~ q~:'in. H ~ ~"C' .... ,. r. l2i. lt'\! :l. ll .. :~ u:i. 1t.. :::~:;.. r pir•. ~::t c.. ~hl· ... ;:ik~ .. d~c. :'t· · ;u~ ~ •. ~~~~--:: .. a ..... :11er frvn:~ t ... ~:- ... \! ,. 'l:~·:- pon t:-Ott'.

The three conditions of the operation of the striker gear are: 1. Breech block is traveling forward: Figure 44, it has picked up a cartridge. but ha s not quite reached the firing chambe.. ie breech casing. the:-eby holding the striker pin to the rear. The- :-ear toe is about to strikt the rear end of the center cam surCace of the hammer plate. 2. 5. The cartridge is being fired. \urfnce or the hammer place, causing the hamme: to rotate forward. The hammer has driven the striker pin fu lly forward penetrating the primer of the cartridge.

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