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The answer explanations will show and identify all the steps you will need to solve basic equations. There will be different solutions to similar problems to show a variety of methods for solving equations. But they all rely on the same rules. Look over the Tips for Solving Basic Equations before you begin this chapter’s questions. Tips for Solving Basic Equations ■ ■ If a number is being added to or subtracted from a term on one side of an equation, you can eliminate that number by performing the inverse operation.

Signs different? Subtract and give the result the sign of the higher value number. The simplified value of the expression is as follows: 38. Substitute the values for the variables into the expression. PEMDAS: Evaluate the term with the exponent first. Substitute the value into the numerical expression. PEMDAS: Evaluate terms with multiplication next. Substitute the values into the numerical expression. Change the subtraction to addition and the sign of the number that follows. Add terms from left to right.

6(3m − 12) − 4(9m + 8) 65. 5(15 − 2j ) + 11(7j − 3) 66. a(a + 4) + 3a2 − 2a + 10 67. 9(x − 6) + x(3 − x) 68. 3r2 + r(2 − r) + 6(r + 4) 69. 2x − x(5 + y) + 3xy + 4(2x − y) 70. −7(c − 2d) + 21c − 3(d − 5) 71. 5(3x − y) + x(5 + 2y) − 4(3 + x) 72. 6(m − 3n) + 3m(n + 5) − 2n(3 − m) 73. 9(2x − t) + 23xt + x(−4 + 5t) 74. 4{2a(a + 3) + 6(4 − a)} + 5a2 75. 8(2a − b − 3c) + 3(2a − b) − 4(6 − b) 27 Team-LRN 501 Algebra Questions Answers Numerical expressions in parentheses like this [ ] are operations performed on only part of the original expression.

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