911: A Public Emergency (Social Text 72) by Jasbir K.Puar, Zillah Eisenstein, Rosalind C.Morris, Judith

By Jasbir K.Puar, Zillah Eisenstein, Rosalind C.Morris, Judith Butler, Muneer Ahmad, Meena Alexander, Lopamudra Basu, Sandrine Nicoletta, Yigal Nizri, Ban Wang

Given that September eleven, public discourse has frequently been framed by way of absolutes: an age of innocence supplies option to a gift lower than siege, whereas the USA and its allies face off opposed to the Axis of Evil. This unique factor of Social textual content goals to maneuver past those binaries towards considerate research. The editors argue that the problem for the Left is to boost an antiterrorism stance that recognizes the legacy of U.S. exchange and overseas coverage in addition to the variety of the Muslim religion and the hazards offered by means of fundamentalism of all kinds.Examining the strengths and shortcomings of sector, race, and gender reports within the look for realizing, this factor considers cross-cultural feminism as a method of scuffling with terrorism; racial profiling of Muslims within the context of different racist logics; and the homogenization of dissent. the difficulty contains poetry, photographic paintings, and an editorial through Judith Butler at the discursive house surrounding the assaults of September eleven. This outstanding variety of contributions questions the that means and implications of the occasions of September eleven and their aftermath.Contributors. Muneer Ahmad, Meena Alexander, Lopamudra Basu, Judith Butler, Zillah Eisenstein, Stefano Harney, Randy Martin, Rosalind C. Morris, Fred Moten, Sandrine Nicoletta, Yigal Nizri, Jasbir ok. Puar, Amit S. Rai, Ella Shohat, Ban Wang

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VIII By a rock in Europe’s frozen north we saw elks rear into the bitter blood of the sun. We touched leftovers from a fire, a mound of ashes, a man’s coat, sleeves torn and muddied. Or did it belong to a woman unhoused, poverty’s use, the horizon of care affixed to true north? Turning from the river you pointed out a figure scratched between twin elks, a face for hunger, a female glyph, wide open on black rock. Our clothes are prised off in a brutal wind and these poems, cloud-tossed particulars, sharp with need, sprung in the ash of my new country — where a glass garden hung, searchlights twist, iron cranes cluster, stanzas drop their skirts and flee.

The globalization discourse buries international politics in an “apolitical” free market, extolling economy and development as the panacea for the problems of domination, violence, inequality, and oppression. It turns the unequal distribution of power and resources in a shrinking world into a “natural” relation between fortunate and unfortunate, between advanced societies and backward countries which, through their own faults, have not done well in modern times. All too quickly it leads to the forgetting of enduring clashes between national interests, between divergent histories embedded in specific geographies and, most importantly, between the contending appropriations of the future.

Does this return really signal any real change in the world system or simply reveal its secret? How does this event alter the production of subjectivity in the sphere of culture? How does it affect the area studies? These are the issues I will explore. capital has the The Cold War, the Sleeper? ” 46 The Cold War provides a parameter to assess the so-called post–Cold War period since 1989. If it is true that we have entered a new era, the novelty of the current situation needs to be placed in a broader historical perspective, taking into account the interaction between modern sovereignty and capital’s worldwide expansion.

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