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Envision a horizontal pipe that you want to install a 45º offset in. For the ease of vision, think of the horizontal pipe resting in a pipe hanger. You have to offset the pipe over a piece of ductwork. This will have a 45º fitting looking up from your horizontal pipe. There will be a piece of pipe in the upturned end of the fitting that will come into the bottom of the second 45º fitting (Fig. 1: offset drawing). As we talk about measurements here, they will all be measured from the center of the pipe.

Refer back to Fig. 1 if you need a reminder on this concept. Let’s assume that you know what your Set distance is. You want to know what the Travel is. 5. 414. Now, let’s assume that you know the Travel and want to know the Set. 707. It’s really simple, as long you have the chart to use. The procedure is the same for different degrees of offset. Just refer to the chart and you will find your answers quickly and easily. 5 ■ Multipliers for calculating simple offsets. FORMULAS FOR PIPE FITTERS Finding Run measurements is no more difficult than Set or Travel.

Need to find numbers for 221⁄ 2º bends? Well, it’s not difficult. 613 to find the Travel. 414. 1989. Remember that T and D are the same. GETTING AROUND PROBLEMS Getting around problems and obstacles is part of the plumbing and pipe fitting trades. Few jobs run without problems or obstacles. As any experienced piping contractor knows, there are always some obstructions in the preferred path of piping. Many times the obstacles are ductwork, but they can involve electrical work, beams, walls, and other objects are that not easily relocated.

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