A Clear Differentiation of the Three Codes: Essential by Sa-Skya Pandi-Ta Kun-Dga-Rgyal-Mtshan, Sakya Pandita Kunga

By Sa-Skya Pandi-Ta Kun-Dga-Rgyal-Mtshan, Sakya Pandita Kunga Gyaltshen, Victoria R. M. Scott, Jared Douglas Rhoton

The 1st English translation of the influential and arguable Tibetan Buddhist vintage

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These eighteen works, which are listed in D. Jackson (1987), p. 158, continue to constitute the core curriculum, even in exile, of the Sakya seminaries. Sapan also makes this point explicitly in chapter 3 of his Elucidation oftheSage's Intent (Thub pa'i dgongs pa rab tu gsa/ ba, short title Thub pa'i dgongs gsa/), p. 2; fol. IIa. " According to Apte's Sanskrit-English Dictionary, one Sanskrit equivalent of rab tu dbye ba, namely, prabheda, can mean "difference, distinction," among other things.

12b-13a). 86. Gorampa, DSPD, p. 206 (fol. 13a). 87. i, upasaka, and upasika). 88. The "Five Families" are those of the five Tathagatas of the mai}gala. 89. For these topics, see Gorampa, DSPD, p. 206 (fol. 14a-b). 90. Sapan's replies to Chak Lotsawa and Lowo Lotsawa are in. SKB, vol. 5, TB catalogue nos. 94 and 95· 91. Sa pan's Letter to the Nob/e-Minded and Letter to the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas ofthe Ten Directions are in SKB, voL 5, TB catalogue nos. 29 and 30, respectively. 92- For a preliminary survey of sDom gsum rab dbye commentatorial literature after Sapan, see D.

NOTES 1. 2. D. dissertation (New York: Columbia University, 1985), as supplemented by David P. Jackson, now at the University of Hamburg. We are grateful to Mr. Jan-Ulrich Sobisch for helpful comments on the Introduction and for expanding and clarifying the passages from Gorampa's DSPD presented herein. Mr. Hidetoshi Fushimi helped in establishing versification by checking the subject breaks in Gorampa's DSNSh. Since at least the fifteenth century, Sapan's Clear Differentiation of the Three Codes (sDom pa gsum gyi rab tu dbye ba, short tide sDom gsum rab dbye) has been a part of the required curriculum for the advanced academic degrees of geshe (dge bshes) or rab 'byams pa at the great Sakyapa scholastic seminaries, being one of the "eighteen greatly Introduction 3· 4· 5· 6.

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