A Comparative Lexical Study of Quranic Arabic by Martin R. Zammit

By Martin R. Zammit

This paintings doesn't target to be an etymological dictionary of Qur'anic Arabic, nor does it try and recommend a few new genetic class of the Semitic languages. quite, it bargains insights into the interior lexical relationships attested in a few Semitic forms inside Qur'anic Arabic (seventh century AD). The paintings relies on a quantitative research of a considerable corpus of the Arabic lexicon so as to investigating lexical relationships inside of a few Semitic languages. Qur'anic Arabic is the resource of a lexical mass comparability workout related to Akkadian, Ugaritic, Aramaic, Syriac, Hebrew, Phoenician, Epigraphic South Arabian and Ge'ez. additionally, the lexical hyperlinks pointed out during this research are in themselves linguistic symptoms of a few of the levels of cultural proximity characterising a few of the Semitic languages.

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C. onwards. C. did not resist the region's Aramaean-Hellenistic culture, and it was this 9 Ephcal 1982: 113. According to Versteegh 1997: 24 the etymology of the name 'Arabs' is unknown. blr meaning 'desert'. Versteegh also refers to the theory which links the name 'Arabs' to the Semitic root 'BR 'to cross (the desert)'. This may also be the etymology of the name 'Hebrews'. " Briquel-Chatonnet 1992: 37-44. 12 Briquel-Chatonnet 1992: 38. 13 Knauf 1988: 45-46. 14 Greenfield 1974: 155. 10 32 CHAPTER TWO readiness to adapt to foreign ways which secured their ascent in Middle Eastern affairs.

1973: 201. 1 'ariba and musta'raba The origins of the first peoples inhabiting the Arabian peninsula are shrouded in thick mystery. The Qur'dn refers to the Arabian tradition concerning the people of cAd, who inhabited the southern flank of Arabia, and the people of Tamud of north-western Arabia. Muslim tradition has it that these peoples did not heed God's prophets (Hud was sent to cAd, and Salih to the Tamud) and disbelieved. 1 Moreover, traditionally, the Arabs consider themselves the descendants of two major ethnic groups, namely the Qahtan, originating in the Yemen and descending from Saba5 Ibn Yacrib, and the 'Adnan of north Arabia.

Unlike Swadesh's list which focusses on the basic vocabulary, the FergusonSa'rd list is based on the frequency criterion and on maximum differentiation in the four dialects. It also takes Modern Classical Arabic into account. Of the 278 lexical items, 176 are nouns, 19 adjectives, 43 verbs and 40 particles. 62 1966. 28 CHAPTER ONE Syro-Lebanese dialects ". . 5% of the two hundred items on this list. . ", with a high rate of non-contrastive compatibility, ca. 63 When compared with Classical Arabic, Baghdadi, Gairene, Casablancan and Jiddan, the Syro-Lebanese varieties, as expected, emerge as one homogeneous unit.

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