A l'écoute de l'autre : Philosophie et Révélation by Bruno Forte

By Bruno Forte

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It is a revised version of John Milbank’s masterpiece, which sketches the description of a in particular theological social idea. the days greater schooling complement wrote of the 1st version that it was once “a journey de strength of systematic theology. it might be churlish to not recognize its provocation and brilliance”.

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Enough to keep him warm? What would happen to the whole physical side of his existence? Or howcould he ever expect many people to understand him and to go with him? And if they did not go, how could he ever bring relief to the people he loved, who labored in the toils of the Pharisees or who were broken under the heel of the Roman master? What good would it do to hold a course that lost him his following? And if he took a way that brought increased life only to a chosen few, to himself above all, what did it boil down to but self-gratification?

In short, if you are going to understand Jesus, you must have his eyes, the eyes born of experience of an order like unto his own. Without insight the task is hopeless. With insight it is relatively simple. You can see, even through the fragmentary and mixed-up record, what Jesus was trying to say. You know, almost, what he must have been trying to say; and know also what else, for a man of his spiritual elevation, would have been impossible for him to say. ” And for him it is so, for he is blind.

Physical kinship is nothing, spiritual unity everything. With these sayings he cut himself off from his family, completely and permanently. The breach was never healed. Mary was not at the cross. The tender scene in which Jesus entrusts his mother to one of his disciples, is to be found only in John. It did not take place. Every bit of evidence in the Synoptics points the other way. And he was just as severe about family loyalties. ” His worst foes, because the tenderness of his relations with them makes them the last ones into whose hearts he can press the sword of his integrity.

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