Advances in Engineering and Technology by Jackson Mwakali

By Jackson Mwakali

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Provide good riding quality to road users. This is defined on the basis of average IRI (international roughness index). The average IRI is calculated internally within HDM-4. i Maximise net present value r Reduce accidents Safety i Functional service level 16 i Provide comfort i Odoki, Stannard & Kerali Reduce road congestion Delay and congestion effects. Level of congestion is defined in terms of volumecapacity ratio (VCR). VCR values are calculated internally within HDM-4. Air pollution is measured in terms of quantities of pollutants from vehicle emissions, which are computed within HDM-4.

0 NEW APPLICATIONS Improvements in applications that have been incorporated in HDM-4 Version 2 are: sensitivity analysis, budget scenario analysis, road asset valuation, multi-criteria analysis (MCA), and estimation of social benefits. 1 Sensitivity Analysis Sensitivity analysis is used to study the effects of changes in one parameter on the overall viability of a road project as measured by various technical and economic indicators. This analysis should indicate which of the parameters examined are likely to have the most significant effect on the feasibility of the project because of the inherent uncertainty (Odoki, 2002).

1 Updated Database Technology HDM-4 uses an object-orientated database to store its local data. HDM-4 Version 2 has been updated to use the latest version of this database to ensure the latest developments and enhancements are available, as well as continued support and backup from the provider is accessible. 2 Redesign of New Section Facilities A new approach allows new sections to be reused across studies and alternatives by defining new sections within the work standards folder in the workspace, and assigning them to alternatives using the new user-interface for alternatives.

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