African Security Politics Redefined by Karin Dokken (auth.)

By Karin Dokken (auth.)

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Do their activities move in the same direction? In its first four decades, the UN sponsored only one peacekeeping operation in Africa: the UN operation in the Congo (1960–64). It was not until 1989 that the UN again sent military personnel to the continent, this time to Namibia. Then, in the 1990s, 17 UN operations were launched in Africa. The history of UN military intervention in Africa is rich in diversity and includes both successes (Namibia and Mozambique) and utter failures (Somalia). Chapter 6 offers an introduction to UN peacekeeping in Africa.

One such alleged link is to the financing of al-Qaeda and its operations. A November 2001 Washington Post article asserted that the resale of diamonds purchased from African rebel movements, most notably the RUF in Sierra Leone and groups in Angola, had been used to fund international terrorism networks. S. and European intelligence officials” as sources, alleged that “diamond dealers are working directly with men named by the FBI as key operatives in Bin Laden’s Al-Qaeda network” (Washington Post 2001).

Although certain studies refute the link between poverty and terrorism, others have found robust links between the two. A quantitative cross-country study by Li and Schaub finds that economic development in a country and among its major trading partners reduces the likelihood of transnational terrorism. They conclude that the effect of economic development in reducing transnational terrorism is significant and that “promoting economic development and reducing poverty should be an important component in the global war against terrorism” (Li and Schaub 2004, 253).

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