Aid, Peacebuilding and the Resurgence of War: Buying Time in by S. Holt

By S. Holt

As considered one of South Asia’s oldest democracies Sri Lanka is a severe case to envision the boundaries of a liberal peace, peacebuilding and exterior engagement within the cost of civil wars. This booklet is based on 9 years of analysis, and greater than a hundred interviews with these tormented by the struggle, NGOs, and native and overseas elites engaged within the peace process. A serious review of peacebuilding and the influence of monetary restoration programmes at the peace technique in Sri LankaTimely research – coming one and a part years after the battle resulted in Sri Lanka.Based on over 9 years of precise learn and over a hundred interviewsA severe review of the liberal peace thesisAddresses hole within the literature on peacebuilding - assessing the influence of peacebuilding-type programmes at the floor and tough the frequent assumption that those actions hyperlink to peace.Includes a first-hand account of the location in Sri Lanka throughout the ceasefire within the war-affected district of demeanour

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The conceptualisation and theorisation of peacebuilding in this chapter helps explain the approach taken by the international community to the 2002 Sri Lankan peace process, and explains why it resulted in the bloody finale of 2009. Defining peacebuilding What is peace? This question is an important start in how we understand peacebuilding. 1 Peace may only come for some through equal rights and security. Another common conceptualisation of peace seeks a more spiritual ideal, where individuals or groups are at ease with themselves and others.

Peace does not necessarily mean the resolving of conflict; conflict can and does exist in peaceful societies, but the conflict is managed in a non-violent way. If we accept the aim of peacebuilding as addressing the root causes of conflict, it could be asserted that taken to its nth degree peacebuilding would resolve any inherent conflict, but the equally ambitious objective of bringing about sustained peace would be sufficient. Conflict resolution is not necessarily identical with peace. There is considerable overlap, however, as most notions of peace are based on the absence of war.

89 Peacebuilding and Economic Recovery 33 Cynthia Sampson makes the point that ‘some aspects of peacebuilding are best understood using concepts and approaches found in religion. ’90 Addressing grievances and reconciling communities through economic and political development would require significant long-term engagement and large amounts of aid. In contrast, the transformation of hatred through reflection and forgiveness, which could be encouraged by spiritual leaders, appears a cheaper, and potentially quicker alternative.

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