America in an Arab Mirror: Images of America in Arabic by K. Abdel-Malek, Mouna El Kahla

By K. Abdel-Malek, Mouna El Kahla

This unique anthology provides for the 1st time in English trip essays by way of Arabic writers who've visited the US within the moment 1/2 the century. The view of the USA which emerges from those money owed is straight away interesting and illuminating, yet by no means monolithic. The writers hail from various viewpoints, areas, and backgrounds, so their descriptions of the USA in a different way have interaction and revise Arab pre-conceptions of usa citizens and the West. the rustic figures as every little thing from the unchanging different, the very antithesis of the Arab self, to the seductive woman, to the opposite who's either praiseworthy and reprehensible.

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