American post-Judaism : identity and renewal in a postethnic by Shaul Magid

By Shaul Magid

How do American Jews establish as either Jewish and American? American Post-Judaism argues that Zionism and the Holocaust, anchors of up to date American Jewish id, will now not be facilities of identification formation for destiny generations of yankee Jews. Shaul Magid articulates a brand new, post-ethnic American Jewishness. He discusses pragmatism and spirituality, monotheism and post-monotheism, Jesus, Jewish legislations, sainthood and self-realization, and the that means of the Holocaust should you have by no means identified survivors. Magid provides Jewish Renewal as a stream that takes this radical cultural transition heavily in its strivings for a brand new period in Jewish idea and practice.

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But the de-­ethnicization of America through intermarriage, coupled with the voluntaristic and inventive nature of both ethnic and religious affiliation, has arguably given us a different kind of melting pot. It is not the homogeneous Ameri­canism that Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson anticipated but a society in which ethnic borders have become translucent, enabling the restructuring of those borders (as well as considerable movement within them), yielding new and invented ethnic combinations.

It is an advocacy or­ga­ni­za­tion that seeks to be a voice for the inclusion of multiethnic Jews in the Jewish community. On this website we read, “Some of us are contented Christians, Muslims, Hindus, and Buddhists, but we’d like to learn more about our Jewish ‘half ’ in ways that don’t involve leaving our current faith or culture. ’ statement or report that is negative about us or harms our interests. com (an umbrella website for progressive Jewish culture, arts, and letters) to Jack Wertheimer: At Jewcy we’ve half-­jokingly referred to ourselves as part of the first generation of Jewish-­Ameri­can mongrels, or Frankenjews.

This was particularly problematic in America, where Jews were almost immediately expected to become full members of a foreign national collective. 68 Among many other things, cultural pluralism, which morphed into multiculturalism by the 1980s, enabled assimilated and integrated Jews in America to retain their particularistic identity as part of a larger Ameri­can project with little or no aid from religion. ” They are well integrated into Ameri­can society yet still desire in some ways to remain distinct from it.

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