American Spyplanes by Mike Spick

By Mike Spick

Makes a pleasant reward for an aviation or a chilly warfare fanatic.

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The advent of atomic weapons revived thoughts of a decisive strategic instrument. During the late 1930s news came through of a series of advances in nuclear physics that pointed to techniques for splitting the atom and then creating THE COLD WAR a chain reaction that would unleash vast amounts of energ~ War soon provided the incentive to see how far the theory could be taken. After Pearl Harbor, the British effort to design an atomic bomb, which was quite advanced, was merged with the far better resourced American Manhattan Project.

On 30 November Truman promised that 'We will take whatever steps are necessary to meet the military situation, just as we always have', and did not deny that this might include the use of atomic bombs. There was some discussion in Washington of the possibility of drawing on the very small stock of atomic weapons then available, but the idea did not get very far because of the international condemnation this would have aroused, and the uncertain military value of any detonations. The British, already alarmed at the thought of being drawn into a war with China, strenuously objected.

It was sufficiently large to take out cars belonging to American personnel on its return flight. THE BERLIN AIRLIFT Because Russia had agreed that American, British and French garrisons could be part of the occupation of Berlin, it had also agreed to air corridors to keep them supplied. These corridors made the airlift possible. They had to be used with Air corridor cross section 1 - - 15 great efficiency so as to deliver the maximum supplies without jeopardizing safety. At Gatow and Templehof airports, flights were landed every 90 seconds.

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