American Survival Guide (July 2015)

Firearm retention strategies, top burn tinder kits, eleven arid edibles, confirmed handgun concepts, DIY water filer, sunlight oven, most sensible domestic safeguard shotgun, existence saving knots

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And you are at the mercy of a backseat passenger with ill intent. Consider stowing an additional weapon between your seat and the door that you can access with your left hand. Threats from the outside can’t always be handled by just driving away. If you are blocked in, you are basically a sitting duck. Those who might want to smash your windows, drag you out and take what you have might be dissuaded by the sight of your gun. If you’re being fired upon, however, you have to be prepared to fight your way out.

CONS: The satin finish on the handles scratch easily. Flat Phillips screwdriver is awkward. No belt clip or pouch to carry it. net WITH THE EXPERTS Now instead of you going to the instructor, the instructor comes to you! Regardless of your experience level, Panteao has training courses from over 30 instructors on DVD and HD Online Video that fit your needs. Natural disasters, terrorist hazards, blackouts, and localized emergencies. Bad things happen. It’s a fact of life. Now be prepared. net THE SHOTGUN SOLUTION MAKING THE MOST OF A HOME DEFENSE SITUATION Story and Photography by Bob Campbell few years ago, a particularly dangerous burglar was active in my home city.

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