Ancient Egyptian Literature: An Anthology by John L. Foster

By John L. Foster

"Do no longer be smug as a result of your wisdom; procedure the unlettered in addition to the clever. The summit of artistry can't be reached, nor does craftsman ever reach natural mastery. extra hidden than gemstones is chiseled expression but chanced on between slave women grinding the grain." —from the Maxims of Ptahhotep Poetry, tales, hymns, prayers, and knowledge texts discovered beautiful written expression in historical Egypt whereas their literary opposite numbers have been nonetheless being recited round fire fires in historic Greece and Israel. but, as a result of its very antiquity and the centuries within which the language was once forgotten, historical Egyptian literature is a newly came upon state for contemporary readers. This anthology bargains an intensive sampling of the entire significant genres of historic Egyptian literature. It comprises the entire texts from John Foster's earlier ebook Echoes of Egyptian Voices, besides choices from his Love Songs of the recent country and Hymns, Prayers, and Songs: An Anthology of historical Egyptian Lyric Poetry, in addition to formerly unpublished translations of 4 longer and brief poems. Foster's translations seize the poetical fantastic thing about the Egyptian language and the spirit that impelled each one piece's composition, making those historical masterworks sing for contemporary readers. An creation to old Egyptian literature and its translation, in addition to short information regarding the authorship and date of every choice, completes the amount.

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Each day’s end returning to her Bent double under my catch . . Haiee! no tripping the snarelines today! Wild goose, I hear your call, I’m captive, taken by love of you! III The wild goose bursts into flight, then settles beating his wings in distraction, Mischiefmaker tearing the meshes, scourge of the birdcote. Birds, thick as lizards, mill about squawking, and all is confusion. I do not flutter, though caught (singing bird) in invisible net. Lonely, I lift up my call under the weight of my love: This heart is counterpoise to your own.

No, little bird, you cannot entice me, I follow you to the fields no more. Like you in the dawn mist I rose, at sunrise discovered my lover abed (his voice is sweeter). ’’ And my heart smiled back when he, smiling, said: ‘‘You shall not fly nor shall I, bright bird. ’’ Can you match the notes of that song, little swallow? I am first in his field of girls! My heart, dear sister, sings in his hand— love never harmed a winged creature. VII Let me look through his wayside gate— I think it’s my love there, coming for me!

My heart turns to you, begging, Let’s free him together, we two, out where I have you alone. ) of my hostage crestfallen with myrrh. How good it would be, just you there with me, while I set my carefullest trap! And what luck for a lover—outbound for the marsh with that special one waiting to love! II Voice of the wild goose crying, calling me, caught by my lure . . The Poems  But your loving me slows my going, tangled, I cannot work free. Love, let me go, nets of my own need untying! And what am I going to tell Mother?

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