Anthropology of the City: An Introduction to Urban by Edwin Eames, Judith Granich Goode

By Edwin Eames, Judith Granich Goode

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And \ocixl ddi\ ! n q,rij.. r ^,nscx,usnessot rhe r rime, {trhoueh $ork rnd rsiden@ \er. rp tn some dFgrce Jnd peottc ror,msrkcrdclEnsc. redri,,n. dcitms\ $irh $c p;lih;l llil lo lravet retis-io,sctr"muniFr. n. t! Although industriatproductiona;d modern life arc relared to thc . cnrire concept of the u$an, there are ccrtain spheres in \lhich th; ffFi tv: rlusl be separatedfronr the urban. , th. rriJlgro\tth. eri:rin hends rr. r pmdllctrve slstems. Finaflv- * ,, form a r d even lh. ned by indu't r ial pr o, lu( t ion.

D F*cnriat in urbrn anrnroporogv studrc\ rhrF is tendenc.! to carry the time conrmibncnr oc. j h bFhi\ioriD \rrio,rssiiuarions. oinLt chrng. connr'urq " in rime than ,tudiesdonc ar a ringlFpoi,,t In an iDdustrial urban situation, there appear ro be time . c_ycles rhrl should be con'idered in a srudy ot a neigbborhond. ou; "r],,,;. ihul. " ; t" tJ;; ;,:#; rn^addrrnn. (ide for drtr€rFnl lrch\ifies. rnd a seasold cycle which includes ho[d r. festirats an(| vacarron\-that rFcur on a ft gular ba,i5.

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