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Social Dynamics in the Highlands of Southeast Asia (Handbook of Oriental Studies. Section 3 Southeast Asia)

Drawing on long-term fieldwork and learn in groups from Assam via to Laos, this booklet bargains a different point of reappraisal of the paintings of Edmund Leach and is an important contribution to the advance of a brand new local anthropology of Southeast Asia.

Systematic Data Collection (Qualitative Research Methods Series, Volume 10)

Information assortment within the box, no matter if by means of interviewing or different equipment, might be performed in a dependent, systematic and clinical means. This quantity compels box researchers to take very heavily not just what they listen, yet what they ask. Ethnographers have frequently found too past due that the worth in their interview info is discounted on account of bad sampling (of either questions and informants) and bad elicitation innovations.

Dictionary of Anthropology

The Dictionary of Anthropology is a accomplished explication of simple phrases and ideas of archaeology, cultural anthropology, linguistics, and actual anthropology. The phrases were chosen from ordinary resource and instructions, and contain identifications of a few significant early individuals to anthropology.

Indigenous Environmental Knowledge and its Transformations: Critical Anthropological Perspectives (Studies in Environmental Anthropology)

The 1st concerted serious exam of the makes use of and abuses of indigenous wisdom. The members concentrate on a sequence of interrelated concerns of their interrogation of indigenous wisdom and its particular purposes in the localised contexts of specific Asian societies and neighborhood cultures.

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For example, the primary American values of being independent and fully functioning effect health and self-esteem by influencing definitions of proper functioning and equate high health status with independence. Clark concluded the article by reference to five adaptive tasks required for successful aging. These five adaptive tasks were brought forward from her research among community dwelling elderly in San Francisco (Clark and Anderson 1967). These researchers found that each task is required for successful reactions to the inevitable changes of aging (these will be explicated below).

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