Approaches to Peacebuilding by Ho-Won Jeong (eds.)

By Ho-Won Jeong (eds.)

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Africans want a better life and instead have been given the right to vote' (1997, p. 80). However, the 'myth of authoritarianism' is critiqued in the collection of articles edited by L. Diamond and M. Plattner (1995, p. 252). 38. J. F. Rioux and R. Hay (1997) present an excellent analysis of this relationship. 39. Refer to C. P. David and F. J. Valiente (1997). See also the journal White Helmets, vol. 1, no. 1 ( 1997), published in Buenos Aires, which provides a comprehensive review of White Helmet activities and projects.

In his view, these countries need (1) Does Peacebuilding Build Peace? 49 still less to underdeveloped countries). In his view, these countries need (1) the growth of an economically prosperous middle class, and (2) a form of authoritarian government capable of preventing civil violence (along the Chinese rather than the Indian model). Kaplan maintains that 'democracy is a fraud in many poor countries... : Africans want a better life and instead have been given the right to vote' (1997, p. 80). However, the 'myth of authoritarianism' is critiqued in the collection of articles edited by L.

Kuhne ( 1996, pp. 11-47), and S. Han ( 1994, pp. 843-867). 32. Even in Haiti, which is a successful example of peacebuilding, a culture of brutality persists and the recent elections have exacerbated political divisions. 'Haiti shows why outsiders should not count on rapidly changing a political culture deformed by centuries of dictatorship' (The New York Times, December 11, 1997, pp. A -12). 33. See, among others, Harbeson ( 1997). 34. Ethnic rivalries are a fertile ground for scapegoating. The case is convincingly argued by R.

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