Arming Conflict: The Proliferation of Small Arms by M. Bourne

By M. Bourne

This ebook argues that the arming of clash is complexly based and hugely dynamic. It uncovers and describes the development and interplay of buildings and dynamics at international and neighborhood degrees, which form the arming styles of either kingdom and non-state actors.

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The sources used include Krause (1992); Kellman, (1994); Greene, (1995); Saferworld and Deltac Limited (1995); Latter, (1996, p. 2); Gormley y (2001, p. 12); Shuey, y (2001); Cirincione, (2002); Arms Control Association (2002); Feickert (2004, p. 22); as well as others used throughout the chapter. B. Thick black lines denote a qualitative distinction in the nature off the weapons spread between weapons types. App plicable image g Dominant spread Process Level off state proliferation f (to weaponisation) Potential ffor non-state spread Existing g and potential spread Verification f /enforcement f 33 34 Arming Conflict: The Proliferation of Small Arms Overall, though, SALW spread is portrayed as lacking any significant structures.

The task off developing that framework is one off drawing distinctions more clearly where they may be signifi f cant. fi Thus, the first step is to clarify f the distinctions between types of SALW L flow processes: in particular distinctions between legal and illicit flows, and, especially, y, between categories off illicit flows. The second is to tackle the amorphous image’s conflation off levels of analysis into a picture of globalised illicit markets. Thus, there is a need to refine a sense off what a structure is by clarifying f levels of analysis that reflect the political and economic space in which SALW spread, and, in particular, flows to conflicts, take place.

Given the breadth off the SALW supplier and recipient bases, these weaknesses in the policy y structures shaping conventional weapons spread are particularly marked for these types of weapons. The existing fragmented and porous legal structures establish a blurred policy framework for SALW transfers. The boundaries between legal and illicit transfers, or distinctions between types of illicit transfer, are conceptually and practically blurred and there are often substantial ‘grey areas’. 1). A very wide range off different SALW-related agreements exist at the global (UN Programme off Action, and UN Firearms Protocol), regional, and sub-regional levels.

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