Armor Attacks: The Tank Platoon - An Interactive Exercise in by John F. Antal

By John F. Antal

In the course of the Nineteen Sixties, programmed guide was once voguish in advertisement and institutional in addition to academic circles. Antal, an immense within the US military, makes a martial identical of this system the center piece of a gimmicky textual content thats as a lot guide as novel. Following targeted briefings at the Abrams tank and allied issues, the writer introduces younger moment Lieutenant Sam Jaeger. published to the center East, the place the USA is engaged in desolate tract struggle with an unidentified foe, Jaeger is given command of an armor platoon thats a key point in a battalion adverse by way of a motorized rifle department. in the end, our heros outfit is assigned to assault opposed forces whose place is doubtful, and Jaeger needs to draft operational orders for his troops. At this aspect, Antals narrative starts to fragment, taking up the nature of a call tree. At numerous levels, readers needs to workout one of many numerous thoughts open to the rookie officer and continue to the sections disclosing the results in their joint selection. those that choose the right kind passages throughout the authors tactical thicket are rewarded via the intelligence that their offerings as proxies helped Jaeger win the day and earn a battlefield promoting to captain, plus a Silver big name. against this, failure to teach initiative and to heed a superiors motive effects not just in suppositious demise or catch but in addition a call for participation to attempt back. As Antal makes abundantly transparent in his twisty, hard-boiled plotlines, armed clash can end up extraordinarily unforgiving of blunders. A professionally right bang-youre-dead workout whose allure turns out constrained to armchair strategists, gaming buffs, and, probably, the Soldier of Fortune crowd. The didactic drill comprises life like maps, diagrams, tables, and line drawings all through.

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By 1944 both Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS mechanized formations were well-equipped with FlaK guns, but during the last months of the war with the lack of ammunition and fuel it rendered many of them useless for combat operations. 251 personnel carrier. On the Eastern Front the halftrack undoubtedly transformed the fighting quality of the infantry and enabled them to support the advancing armoured spearheads. Panzergrenadiers during defensive operations in Poland. During the last two years of the war the number of Panzergrenadier divisions had grown considerably and they soon earned respect, being called the Panzer Elite.

Under the cover of darkness on the night of 15th, most German forward units had been moved back to a second line just before the expected Russian artillery barrage. Here in this defensive line troops dug-in deeply. Dozens of MG42 machine gun nests were buried along newly constructed fortified defences in order to stem advancing infantry. The MG42 was regarded by the German soldier as a formidable weapon of war and was probably the greatest machine-gun of the Second World War. As long as machine gunners could keep their machine guns operational, they were quiet capable of holding up attacking infantry many times their number.

8cm FlaK gun in the snow during a defensive action in Poland in January or February 1945. In some sectors of the front, some units barely had enough Panzers to oppose the Russian armour and called upon FlaK battalions to halt the Red Army’s attacks. Foreign conscripts in a typical defensive position along the front. Undoubtedly the German soldier was stalling for time, trying their utmost to slow down the Russian drive westwards towards Berlin. Yet there seemed nothing available to him to hold-back the Soviet might, except iron will and fortitude.

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