Arms, Armies and Fortifications in the Hundred Years War by Anne Curry, Michael Hughes

By Anne Curry, Michael Hughes

The Hundred Years battle embraced war in all facets, from the grand set items of Crecy and Agincourt to the pillaged lands of the dispossessed inhabitants. What makes this e-book assorted from past reviews emphasising the good battles is its use of much less prevalent proof, equivalent to administrative documents and panorama archaeology, to realize a more true photograph of the realities of medieval battle. From a basic evaluation of conflict strategies, the ebook turns to ascertain (at issues enlisting machine research) a couple of matters: the composition of the English military, the administration of affairs in Aquitaine, the reaction in England at huge to the struggle and the resultant propaganda and problem, and the effect of struggle on neighborhood groups. shut research of surviving artefacts - guns, fortifications - additionally permits reasonable checks of army and naval reports.

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XXI Fourteenth-century bronze gun, National Museum, Stockholm. XXII Bronze gun, Turin. XXIII Eighteenth-century drawing of late medieval bronze gun preserved at Brunswick. The Longbow XXIV Fifteenth-century English longbowmen from the Warwick Pageant (British Library, MS Cotton Julius EIV, f. 20b). XXV More longbowmen from the Warwick Pageant with cavalry and banners (British Library, MS Cotton Julius EIV, f. 4). XXVI A battle piece of Scots against English, from the Chronicles of Froissart (Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris).

1 (top) Dupplin Moor, 1332. 2 (centre) Halidon Hill, 1333. 3 (bottom) Morlaix,nspace;1342. 16 So French commanders did not always opt for all out attack. The situation was different in 1346. Edward had landed in western Normandy and chevauchéed to Caen, which he took and sacked. He then advanced toward Paris. It is not clear if he intended to bring the French on to him. He may have misjudged the vigour of Philip's response. Faced by much larger forces Edward began to withdraw north east to the Somme.

6 Reims in the mid-fourteenth century (after Desportes, 1979). 1 Hampshire and the Isle of Wight in the fourteenth century. 2 The fourteenth-century raids. 3 Southampton, showing sites and streets referred to in text. 4 Oyster Street site and line of sixteenth-century fortifications. 1 A suggested positioning of the French and English battles at the time of the French cavalry assault at Agincourt. 2 A suggested formation for the men-at-arms and archers on the English left at the opening stage of the battle of Agincourt.

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