Awaken Healing Energy through the Tao by Mantak Chia

By Mantak Chia

This particular and entire ebook finds the Taoist mystery of circulating Chi, the generative lifestyles strength, during the acupuncture meridians of the physique. Illustrated with targeted diagrams that reduction the improvement of a robust vigorous stream, for mental and religious wellbeing and fitness and stability.

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Our heads reel from an overload of information that spews out from television, newspaper, radio and computers. The challenge is to simplify all this information into digestible form. This process of literally “digesting” reality is made difficult to the extent that we’ve separated our minds from our bodies. If the body is healthy, it can easily assimilate the stress of modern living and even find it a creative challenge. But many people ignore their natural balancing mechanisms between the body and mind.

Gradually you will learn to concentrate and direct the healing energy of the Tao. Position of the Tongue The tongue is the bridge between the two channels, the Functional and the Governor. They are separated by the tongue. There are three positions for the tongue. For the beginner, place the tongue where it is most comfortable. If it is uncomfortable to place the tongue to the palate, place it near the teeth. ” - 36 - Chapter II First Position The place near the teeth will produce air (wind) and will make it easy for you to fall asleep.

But many people ignore their natural balancing mechanisms between the body and mind. They attempt to digest the world with their minds, piling up concepts, thoughts, and desires like giant mounds of mental baggage. They ignore the fact that their body must carry this extra mental baggage around twenty-four hours a day, and eventually tires of the extra weight. Exhausted, the body gives up prematurely resulting in heart failure, stroke, arthritis, or liver dysfunction. The collapse is blamed on a poor physical body, but the overstressed mind is the true culprit.

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