Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Contemporary Sheds by Editors of Creative Publishing

By Editors of Creative Publishing

ISBN-13: 978-1-58923-335-5 (soft cover)
ISBN-l0: 1-58923-335-2 (soft cover)

• backyard Outbuilding
• garage Lean-to
• Playhouse
• forest Cottage
• pastime Studio
• garden Tractor Barn

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Sweep off the fl oo r an d make sure it's dry. C ut a sho rt (about 4 to 6") piece of plate material to lise as a spacer. Posi ti on th e spacer at o ne co rn er of th e Aoor, with its outs ide edge Rush w ith the outside of th e fl oor frame. Mark a penc il line along th e in side edge of the spa cer. B. Use th e spacer to mark th e \>\,<1 11 ends at each corner of the floor (eight marks total). Snap chalk lin es through th e marks . These lines represent the inside edges of th e bottom plates .

Na il all of the studs to the bottom plate, the n to the top plate. vit h th e p late e dge (s tud e nd s sq uare to le ngt h of plates), and nail through the plate a nd into th e stud e nd with two 16d common nails (usc ga lvan ized nails on the bottom p late if you r floor is co nc rete). Dri ve the nails about ~ 'I in from t he p late e dges. D . Set the header in place above the jack studs and n<:li l t hrough th e Izjng studs <:I nd in to the header e n ds \v ith 16d na il s- use fo ur n<:l iis on eac h e nd fo r a 2 X 6 heade r, a nd six for a 2 X S header.

Fill t he excava ted area with a 4" laye r of compactible gravel. Rake t he gravel smooth, then check it fo r level us in g a 4-ft. -long 2 x 4 . Rake the gravel until it is fairly level. C. Tamp the grave l thoroughly using a ha nd tamper or a re nted plate co m pactor. As you vm rk, c heck the surface w ith the board and level, and add or remove grave l u nt il t he surface is leve l. Excavate the building site and add a 4" layer of compactible gravel. Level, then tamp the gravel with a hand tamper or rented plate compactor (inset).

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