Book of Changes - The Original Core of the I Ching by Lars Bo Christensen

By Lars Bo Christensen

The ebook of adjustments has consistently been considered as the most vital, but in addition so much enigmatic, chinese language classics. Lars Bo Christensen’s coherent and significant translation of the unique center - the divination guide - should be learn via an individual and is supported via huge facts and an entire word list.

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18) DUKE ZHAO 昭公 YEAR 32 (509 BCE) HEXAGRAM 34 DA ZHUANG In this account, the Zhou Yi hexagram 34 seems to be mentioned just to make a point and is probably not an actual divination result. ” 在易卦,雷乘乾曰,大壯,天之道也。 (19) DUKE AI 哀公 YEAR 9 (488 BCE) HEXAGRAM 11 TAI LINE 5 LEADING TO HEXAGRAM 5 XU This story is about a situation where allies of the state Zheng were uncertain if it was wise to help Zheng against the Song state which was invading the small state.

37. Family – 38. Opposition. Unity and disunity. 39. Obstruction – 40. Freedom. Both hexagrams start with 利西南 and are about staying free and unhindered by going away from trouble. Title lines have 蹇利西南 / 解利西南. 41. Decrease – 42. Increase. 益之 is in both H41 line 2 (increasing) and H42 line 2 (being increased). 益之 occurs again in both hexagrams, line 5. The sentence 或益之十朋之龜弗克違 is in both H41 line 5 and H42 line 2. 43. You are determinate – 44. Others are determinate. 臀無膚其行次且 is in both. 45. People supporting each other – 46.

It was apparently not uncommon that both crack making and yarrow sticks divination were recorded at the same time. The interesting thing about this particular bone is that the three lines of numbers at first seem to be directly connected to the text. Often, the subject, the divination answer, and a record of what really happened was all incised on the oracle bones and this seems to me precisely to be the case with this bone. But the three lines of text written for the crack making also seem to be connected to the three digit-hexagrams because they stand next to each other.

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