British Infantryman in South Africa 1877-81 by Ian Castle

By Ian Castle

For lots of humans the epitome of the British soldier of the past due Victorian interval is the Redcoat who fought in southern Africa within the 1870s. This identify covers the major interval of the wars opposed to the Zulu and Boers; the dramatic battles of Rorke's float, Isandlwana, Ulundi, Laing's Nek and Majuba are the most well-known engagements within the historical past of the British military. the adventure of the British soldier from the again streets of Britain's internal towns, to the remoted rock outcrop of Isandlwana and the mountain most sensible of Majuba is certainly one of self-discipline, devotion, loyalty, bravery, decision and sheer hard-work. it's a trip from which many males by no means again.

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