Charmides, or Temperance by Plato

By Plato

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In Moore both equally are taken to involve the Naturalistic Fallacy. The former is distinguished by the fact that here the value words are implicitly or explicitly defined in terms of something natural. This too is duly explained: 'By "nature" ... I mean ... '7s So far it might seem that Quillian had simply misread his Moore, however excusably. '76 Now if this were all right, then there would be certain things in the universe possessing properties which must necessarily be beyond the range of 'the natural sciences and of psychology'.

46) Again, in the second book Needham urges: 'Whatever force hinders the coming of the world co-operative commonwealth ... that force is ultimately doomed. ' 47 (v) LAWS AND INEVITABILITY We have already argued, earlier in the present Section, that Darwin's theory does not provide a foundation adequate to sustain a general law of progress (III (iii) above); notwithstanding that it certainly is possible to pick out from the record of biological evolution so far trends which we human beings could scarcely fail to rate as progressive (III (iv) above).

It was for him the error of believing 'that when we think "This is good", what we are thinking is that the thing in question bears a definite relation to some one other thing'. But then immediately, and without perhaps fully appreciating the possibilities of confusion opened up by thus using the word 'naturalistic' both in a peculiar and also in a less peculiar sense, he goes on to distinguish two sorts of view: on the one hand, 'Naturalistic Ethics'; and, on the other, 45 'Metaphysical Ethics'.

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