Chemistry for Protection of the Environment by Lucjan Pawlowski, William J. Lacy, Christopher G. Uchrin,

By Lucjan Pawlowski, William J. Lacy, Christopher G. Uchrin, Marzenna R. Dudzinska

During the last twenty years, this environmental convention sequence has emerged to be­ come one of many significant foreign boards at the chemical features of environmental professional­ tection. The discussion board is named Chemistry for the security of our surroundings (CPE). The sponsors of this CPE sequence have integrated the Chemical Societies of Poland, France, Bel­ gium, Italy, Egypt, and the america, the yank Institute of Chemical Engineers, the yank Society of checking out and fabrics, the foreign Ozone organization, the United international locations business improvement association, the Ministries of our surroundings of Poland, France, Belgium, and Italy, U.S. enterprise for foreign improvement, U.S. Environmental safeguard corporation, greater than twenty universities and institutes of upper studying, and 5 nationwide academies of sciences. the 1st assembly during this sequence was once prepared via Prof. Pawlowski and Dr. Lacy in 1976 on the Marie Curie-Sklodowska collage in Lublin, Poland. The convention handled numerous physicochemical methodologies for water and wastewater therapy study initiatives that have been together subsidized via U.S. EPA and Poland.

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There is an urgent need for processes which will remove specific pollutants such as heavy metals as part of the sewage treatment system, whether by contact with raw sewage, sewage effluent, or sludge. The high content of calcium and magnesium ions in these wastewaters, often accompanied by ferric ions, makes the equilibrium unfavourable when conventional ion-exchange resins are employed. The innocuous multivalent cations tend to occupy a significant proportion of the ion-exchange sites, to the exclusion of the offending species.

Developing countries would be particularly vulnerable to such pollution exports. Companies setting up in developing countries often stipulate that their processes must remain a secret. If they insist that the composition of their wastes should also be cloaked in secrecy the countries may never know exactly what hazardous substances, in what quantities, have been put into their disposal sites - and will find it almost impossible to control the situation. In fact, so much secrecy can rarely be necessary and, if companies do insist on it, countries should require them to give assurances about the hazards posed by their wastes, and to accept financial liability for the problems caused.

This reveals which of them are “net importers” and which “net exporters” of air pollutants. Lakes and rivers were the first victims of acid rain to become evident. Hundreds of lakes in parts of Scandinavia, the north-east USA, south-east Canada and south-west Scotland have turned acid. They are made up of minerals like granite, gneiss and quartzrich rocks which contain little lime and do not weather easily, and therefore can do little to neutralise the acid when it falls. In Sweden, damage to fisheries attributed to acidification has been observed in 2,500 lakes, and is assumed to have taken place in another 6,500 where signs of the process have been found.

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