Chinese Taoist Sorcery: The Art of Getting Even by Min Tzu

By Min Tzu

The 5 thousand yr outdated rules of Taoist sorcery are unveiled during this awesome book.

In this booklet you will discover out about:

* The Circle of Wizards and its outstanding powers, in a position to influencing members and countries
* the character of excellent and evil
* the character of ghosts
* the character and which means of the soul
* The devil's disciples and their goals
* the character of the hereafter
* the genuine ideas at the back of religion
* chinese language sorcery in politics and economics
* chinese language sorcery within the military
* Geomancy: the destiny of homes and different places
* the character of icons
* the rules of reincarnation
* The unusual proof of lifestyles and death
* nutrition spells

You also will discover:

* the way to ask the gods for cash and success
* find out how to counter damaging spells
* the best way to neutralize enemies
* how you can use chinese language sorcery in gambling
* easy methods to enhance or bankrupt a business
* how one can oppose adverse entities
* easy methods to remove undesirable luck
* How sorcery is utilized in genuine estate
* How useless relations may help you
* find out how to unite humans in marriage
* the right way to defend youngsters from evil influences
* the right way to struggle lawsuits
* easy methods to provide yourself with protection whereas travelling
* how one can guard your self opposed to jealous co-workers

And many extra ideas and how one can care for so much damaging contingencies in lifestyles.

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In these instances, the exorcists fail in every attempt to expel the evil ghosts and the battles physically drain all those involved in the futile task. The result is that both the sorcerers and the owners of the building become discouraged. Once they realize that the evil entities have celestial support and are not going to leave, the building is deserted and left to fall to ruin. If the building is in the country, the people around it will not suffer. However, if it is in the midst of a city or town, it should not be entirely abandoned to the hostile spirits.

Sometimes, sorcerers imprison ghosts in buildings, rivers, or forests, as a punishment for the evil deeds they committed while alive. These entities are allowed to return to the hereafter if they can find another ghost to take their place. But, since other ghosts will not volunteer to exchange places with the condemned ones, the trapped entities are forced to cause fatal accidents. The victims’ ghosts will replace the imprisoned spirits and free them to reincarnate again. If funeral rites are not performed for people who die in fires, earthquakes, or other accidents, some of their ghosts will be forced to replace evil ghosts in their metaphysical prisons.

Spirits of the Wilderness. Rivers, streams, and lakes contain spirits, as do dense forests, high mountains, and even large house gardens. Young girls should avoid these places because they could be possessed by the entities that dwell there. People will only be safe if they visit these areas in large groups because they will collectively emanate a great amount of Chi energy that will repel the spirits. Sudden Materializations. If a ghost suddenly appears and surprises a person, the individual should partially close his eyes and cover his ears until he has moved away from the haunted spot.

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