CIA Flaps And Seals Manual by John M. Harrison

By John M. Harrison

Some of the options taught right here have been utilized by CIA and FBI body of workers to influence surreptitious openings of mail in the past 3 a long time. Chapters comprise Dry Openings, rainy Openings, Steam Openings, Re-Sealing, Traps and lots more and plenty extra. A better half piece to Locks, selections, and Clicks, this ebook can be a useful source in picking even if your mail has been tampered with or opened.

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Improve Government Transparency CACs improve government transparency by motivating developers to build apps that make it easy for people to use civic data. The most direct way to translate that benefit into a goal is to track the number of different data sets used by competing developers. Every data set made usable by an app is a win for transparency. CACs also improve transparency by identifying flaws in government data sets. Govern ments want to publish data that is usable to the developer community, but developers frequently find bugs or errors when working with these data sets.

The best way to manage this ambiguity is to track the actions taken by CAC partici pants. How many businesses held events connected with the competition? How many developers attended one or more hacking sessions? How many NGO’s partnered with a developer to build an app? Mapping out these connections can give an idea of how successful the CAC was in building bridges between different groups. We mapped those connections in two ways. The first, in Figure 3-1, is a traditional conversion funnel. This map gives the viewer a sense of how much work goes into recruiting competition submissions.

An internal panel is by far the easiest to recruit and manage. The drawback there is that you may get flack for a process isn’t deemed transparent enough. Also, internal judges can’t contribute as much in terms of recruiting participants as celebrity and tech star judges. We’ve included a review of the pros and cons of judging panel composition methods in Table 6-3. Table 6-3. Pros and cons of judging panel composition methods Pros Cons Best for Star Judges • Drives press coverage • Drives social media buzz • Boost participation • Time consuming to recruit and manage judges • Stars may drop out at the last minute • Competitions with tech company partners who can provide judges • Well funded competitions • Competitions with the goal of maximizing awareness Internal judges • Simplest method • Ensures judge participation • May lead to charges of lack of transparency • Doesn’t create a communication benefit • Competitions with a small budget • Competitions with the goal of solving a specific problem Type of Eligible Apps: Mobile, Web, Tablet Developers can build apps for a range of platforms, including mobile, web and tablet, but you may opt to limit eligible platforms.

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