Common Sense School Reform by Frederick M. Hess

By Frederick M. Hess

Put out of your mind every thing you think that you recognize approximately university reform. slicing throughout the cant, sentiment, and obfuscation characterizing the present university reform debate, Frederick M. Hess lacerates the traditional "status quo" reform efforts and exposes the naivete underlying reform concepts that relaxation on strategies like type dimension aid, small colleges, and more desirable specialist improvement. He explains that actual development calls for a bracing regime of logic reforms that create a tradition of competence by means of worthwhile excellence, punishing failure, and giving educators the liberty and adaptability to do their paintings. He records the scope of the demanding situations we are facing after which offers concrete ideas for addressing them via reforms to advertise responsibility, pageant, a 21st-century team, potent tuition management, and good reinvention. Engagingly written and drawing on genuine global reports and examples, logic tuition Reform will generate debate and aid set the schedule for the long run.

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Common Sense School Reform

Disregard every little thing you're thinking that you recognize approximately tuition reform. slicing during the cant, sentiment, and obfuscation characterizing the present college reform debate, Frederick M. Hess lacerates the normal "status quo" reform efforts and exposes the naivete underlying reform options that relaxation on ideas like category measurement aid, small colleges, and more advantageous specialist improvement.

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Think of the principal’s situation as analogous to that of a teacher with a student who keeps stealing lunch money from his classmates. It is possible to keep watching the student, nagging him, and explaining why this is bad behavior. All of these, however, will be more effective if the teacher can back them up with straightforward punishments—like detention. This is just common sense. Moreover, not every potentially good principal has the skills to pull such leadership off. Many may not be well equipped to wheedle and threaten.

When times are tough, public and private organizations tighten their belts, lay off employees, and ask for pay concessions. Yet, public educators seem downright offended by static funding. More importantly, they seem to have convinced public officials and business leaders that asking educators to live by the same rules as other public agencies is somehow anti-education. This is a dangerous conceit that encourages waste and gives rise to lethargy. 28 COMMON SENSE SCHOOL REFORM William Ouchi, a professor in the graduate school of management at UCLA, has looked carefully at the spending figures of school systems and concluded, “The problem is not that there isn’t enough money in public schools.

But what if it doesn’t? Who is going to say, ‘Enough’? ” I asked. I may as well have been speaking Greek. The question itself was outside her worldview. She simply assumed that educators will always do their best, that they know what they’re doing, that the effort would succeed, and that 34 COMMON SENSE SCHOOL REFORM they will push past any obstacles. The thought that it might be otherwise never occurred to her. We’d like to trust that our doctors, attorneys, plumbers, and real estate agents will always do the right thing out of professionalism.

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