Communicative Action: The Logos Interviews (Logos: by Amy L. Buzby

By Amy L. Buzby

This quantity of interviews from the preferred on-line magazine trademarks are geared up round the serious and formative issues of the decline of politics and tradition, the increase in American imperialism, the situation within the heart East and the necessity to forge new possible choices and modes of resistance. The insights and demanding situations provided within the interviews are the most important for energetic thinkers seeking to reply thoughtfully, successfully and carefully to the crises that form our occasions.

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People are very confused. I think Arlo Guthrie talks about that kind of confusion in your book. Terkel: We’re suffering from a national Alzheimer’s disease. There’s no yesterday. Those who are against “big gummint” in heath, education, welfare— not the military—are the ones whose very asses were saved by “big gummint” in the ’29 crash, and how they pleaded, please save us. So this woman suffers from national Alzheimer’s disease. We live by the clichés of the day. Q: There are new clichés coming out every minute.

Just watch people on the New York City subways. And elsewhere, too. White Americans have gotten remarkably accustomed to having black actors sell them detergent or rental cars, it’s really okay. And they are watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. Q: So from your perspective, let me ask you the classic question: what is to be done? Frances Fox Piven 45 Piven: Well, you know, from now until November 2 we work on the election. I think people are doing that. At least my friends are doing that. They’re going into Pennsylvania and wherever.

If he were alive today the country itself would have been affected for the better by him. There’s no question in my mind. Harold was brilliant, funny and heads above the others. Daley Junior is not brutal like his father. I’m not saying he’s nicer than the old man. The brutality is in the situation. Things have altered to some extent. So it’s not the same and it’s just the same. The trouble is there is no organized opposition. When the older Daley was mayor there was a core of dissenters: Len Depres and Dick Simpson, and others.

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