McCain-Palin — The Ticket

After McCain’s announcement that he had chosen Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska as his running mate, my sister called. My sister is a Democrat and a Hillary supporter. She left me a voice message suggesting that this had been a bad choice.

The funny thing is that while she may be questioning McCain’s choice, Republicans are not. As a Republican, I think it is an inspired choice. It is no secret that Republican Conservatives have had concerns about John McCain. As a conservative myself, I have found myself having to urge my friends to vote for him. McCain has found himself at odds with conservatives over campaign finance reform, immigration, judges and taxes. On pro-life issues, while McCain has an excellent anti-abortion voting record — he does not support a Human Life Amendment. He has also petitioned the
president to expand embryonic stem cell research.

The GOP Platform, which really is a McCain platform,  takes a conservative stance on ALL of these issues. The draft was so conservatives that some on the committee felt that we were being thrown a bone in order to prepare us for a Joe Lieberman VP pick.

With the Sarah Palin pick, every Republican I have spoken to says they are now fully on board with the McCain campaign.  I will not post the links here but nearly all of Iowa’s conservative blogs have praised the pick. Likewise, most of the major newspapers in Iowa have interviewed Republicans and all across the spectrum they are pleased with Governor Palin.  People who told me in the past that they were staying home in November now sound like cheerleaders for the ticket.

I am looking forward to hearing her speak at the convention.

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