GOP Convention Day 1

This is my first GOP National Convention. Today, because of Hurricane Gustav, we met for only about two hours instead of seven. Rather than the usual partisan cheerleading that goes on, the day was filled with the parliamentary business of the convention. We approved reports resolved credentials disputes and approved a platform.

We saw a video of four of the five Gulf state governors (all five are Republican). And there was a surprise visit by Laura Bush and Cindy McCain. Both were received well and focused their talk on Hurricane relief.

For many delegates the first day was a letdown without all the hoopla. There were protesters outside of the arena but inside, not much happened. Among the things that went wrong today was food. Delegate packets included a coupon for a boxed lunch but since the session was shortened, the lunches were apparently canceled.

The Iowa delegation is seated on the floor of the arena far side stage right. Midway through, I switched credentials with my alternate and went up to sit in the stands. The alternate seats were much more comfortable than the delegate seats.

We are waiting to see whether we’ll have a full program tomorrow.

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