Sign, Sign Everywhere a Sign …

IowaMy kids complain that I have a song for everything. I was home this weekend after being on the road for two weeks and missing the Cedar Rapids, McCain-Palin event. As I drove in my neighborhood, I saw two of the major streets, Stoney Point Road and 1st Avenue lined with McCain-Palin signs.

I could not help but start singing:

Sign, sign everywhere a sign …

The song of course is Signs by the Canadian group Five Man Electrical Band from 1970. My kids just roll their eyes when I do that.

But the signs are significant. It shows that people are fired up about the ticket. It also shows that the McCain camp and Victory teams are doing their job. They are making calls, knocking on doors, giving out signs and recruiting volunteers.  Shout out to Luke Martz, the Victory staffer based in Marion — keep up the good work.

I’m going to be in Iowa for the next few weeks so I plan on getting out and doing some voter contact through the Victory office.