The Boys Are Back in Town

IowaThe Boys are back in town. We are not even through pointing fingers and placing blame for the 2008 elections — the race for 2012 is on.

This morning, I was running some errands and I had some time to kill. I took my daughters to Barnes and Noble in Cedar Rapids. When I pulled up I saw the Huckabus. I knew that Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee was coming to town but I had forgotten that it was today.

My daughters wanted their picture taken with the bus. When we went inside, the got to see the governor from afar. I was excited to see several of my friends there who had been active in the Huckabee campaign.

This Saturday, I am going to go see Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal at a fundraiser for Serve the City. Serve the City is an evangelical ministry that has been instrumental in flood releif in Cedar Rapids.

After his CR appearance, Governor Huckabee was off to a Des Moines book signing. After Saturday’s breakfast, Governor Jindal will be on his way to Des Moines for an Iowa Family Policy Center event.

I arrived at the Huckabee event late (since I was really only planning on taking my girls to Barnes and Noble) but when I arrived there were more than 100 people still there. I didn’t see 500 but perhaps the crowd had thinned by then.

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