Only Nixon (or Jim Leach) could go to China …

Chet the LiarOnly Nixon could go to China … In Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, Mr. Spock quotes this old Vulcan proverb.

This morning WHO radio reports that former 2nd District Republican congressman, Jim Leach may be the next United States Ambassador to China.

Of course, on this blog, I have referred to Jim Leach as a RINO and a traitor. (Congressman Leach is the only person I have ever called a RINO on these pages.) In that post, I also noted that I know Jim Leach personally to be an honest man and a gentleman. So I find myself in the strange position of applauding Obama’s choice (or potential choice) of Jim Leach for Ambassador to China.

I certainly would have policy differences with Leach. However, Barack Obama is the president of the United States. He sets the foreign policy fo the United States, Hillary Clinton is the Secretary of State and she is charged with implementing and advocating that policy abroad.

Under this president, I know that Jim Leach would make an excellent ambassador to China. I just don’t want to hear President Obama use this as an example of bi-partisanship. From a policy standpoint, Jim Leach has not been a Republican for a long time.

Now if President Obama wants to make Tom Tancredo ambassador to Mexico — that would be bi-partisan!

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