Miller-Meeks for House

There is a revolution going on in Iowa’s second congressional district. It centers around Republican candidate, Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks or as I prefer — M3 (m-cubed – I did major in math after all).

The picture is of me from about a month ago preparing to walk in a parade with my kids and hand out Miller-Meeks material. When my kids asked me why we were supporting Miller-Meeks, I said, “It’s because she believes in what we believe in.” As a home-schooling family, we are planning a field trip to DC to visit Congresswoman Miller-Meeks sometime next year.

As Krusty points out:

… Miller-Meeks was able to out raise Congressman Loebsack in the last three months of the campaign. Miller-Meeks raised $108,599.26 and gave her campaign $20k putting her total for the quarter at $128,559.26 compared to Congressman Loebsack’s $108,142.10. So even without her personal contribution Miller-Meeks outpaced Loebsack by $417.16. Of his total, Loebsack only collected $36,000 from small donors. Almost all of Miller-Meeks’ total comes from small Iowa donors.

I do not believe that I need to defend my conservative or pro-life bona-fides to readers of this blog. As a member of the GOP State Central Committee, I support all of our candidates. While I support all of our candidates, I naturally spend my personal time and effort working (as a volunteer) for those I really believe in.

We have a great candidate in the 2nd Congressional District. I am excited about the Miller-Meeks campaign. (And my kids are looking forward to that field trip to DC 😉

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