The Republican Party of Iowa — Time to Declare a Truce

First in the Nation … there is nothing like it. As Iowans, we (Republicans and Democrats alike) love our caucuses. But like many things in life being first is a mixed blessing.

On one hand, FITN gives us the unique opportunity to meet the candidates up close and in person. I have met a number of candidates in small group settings with just a handful of people. I have had the chance to ask difficult questions and look them in the eye as they answer. When Iowans decide, they decide based on an intimate knowledge of the candidates that no other state except perhaps New Hampshire can share.

On the other hand, FITN makes Iowans choose sides and choose them early. The amount of media attention and money showered on the state intensify everything about the process in Iowa. The battle for Iowa is bruising and never ending. In 2008 and 2012, potential candidates were back in the state within weeks of the election losses. Unlike the rest of the country, we fight the caucus battles year round. The recent RPI elections were the final battle in a war that began at the caucuses and continued through our  conventions.

I want to call upon my Republican friends across the state to call a truce. The elections of 2014 are too important to throw away because a particular faction did not prevail in this war

As the speculated, I was one of the SCC members who voted against AJ Spike and an David Fischer. The election didn’t turn out the way that I wanted but I am not going to take my ball and go home. There is too much at stake. 2014 is going to be a critical year with statewide races, the Iowa legislature and congressional seats all up for grabs. We cannot let the 2012 caucuses lead to defeat in 2014.

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