Bill Dix, ‘gay marriage’ and Christians in Politics

Let me start by saying that I don’t even like the phrase, ‘gay marriage’ — it is an oxymoron.  But, like it or not we lost the battle and the war on this one. Over the years I have been involved in the process of creating GOP platform starting at the county level, all the way up to the national level. So I was saddened to see the Iowa Supreme Court and then SCOTU inflict gay marriage on the states. But the fact is, it was inevitable, we had lost the battle long before the courts stepped in. Remember 2010 when The FAMiLY LEADER stepped up and led the fight to successfully remove three of the justices who had ruled in favor of gay marriage? Well fast forward to 2012 and the attempt to remove more of the offending justices fizzled out hardly any notice.

I am writing this today because the resignation of Senate Majority Leader Bill Dix, after a video surfaced showing him apparently kissing a lobbyist in a bar, reminded me of why we lost the gay marriage battle.

We lost because we were fighting the wrong battle!

We spent so much time trying to make the world more Christ-like that in many cases we failed to be Christ-like ourselves and the world saw our hypocrisy.

If I had a magic wand to fix one thing about marriage in the US, I would not use it to end gay marriage  … I would use it to assure that our marriages,  the marriages of those of us who claim to be Christ-followers actually follow the pattern defined in the Bible.

The problem is that we who claim to be Christ-followers have not been much different than those who claim no faith in the way we treat marriage. I know that Dix had his critics among Christian conservatives but he positioned himself as a fighter for traditional values. Today there have been lots of cries of hypocrisy from those on the left .. and they are not wrong.

While I am not happy about the courts’ decisions on gay marriage, I sort of don’t care. What I mean is that I don’t expect people in the world without Christ to uphold Christian values — why should they? But those who claim the name of Christ — my guys — I hold them to a higher standard.

The real challenge is that I am one of those guys, and I am far from perfect but as one who has voluntarily put himself in the fray — I need to be held to a higher standard as well!

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