The State Central Committee and Diversity

The Democrats just love their identity politics! This weekend, I was re-elected to the State Central Committee of the Republican Party of Iowa. I believe that will make me the longest serving SCC member – besides National Committeeman Steve Scheffler who was elected during the Hoover presidency 🙂

This summer I will start my fifth term on the SCC. I have not served continuously. I resigned mid-term in 2009 to support my friend Christian Fong in his run for governor. After Christian dropped out of the race I ran the next cycle and was re-elected. In 2016, I chose not to run again because I was facing open-heart surgery. My surgery and recovery went well so I decided to run again this year.

Our friends over at Bleeding Heartland point out the there is little diversity in the newly elected Iowa Democrat Party SCC. Since identity politics means everything to the Democrats they also point out the following about the newly elected Republican SCC:

David Chung returns to the SCC from IA-01 after rotating off for two years. He will be the only person of color on the committee. To my knowledge, Chung and Gopal Krishna (a former state party treasurer who briefly was co-chair of the party in 2014) are the only people of color who have served on the Iowa GOP’s governing body in recent memory. There probably have been very few African Americans, Latinos, or Asian Americans elected as GOP district convention delegates.

I guess since we are Republicans they cannot possibly believe that minorities might be represented in the GOP leadership. I can tell you that this is not the case. I remember serving on the SCC with Leon Mosley (African-American – co-chair), Gopal Krishna (South Asian), John Ortega (Hispanic), and Isaiah McGee (African-American). With six minority members on a seventeen member board — minorities were over-represented compared to the general population. We were also significantly more ethnically diverse that year than our Democrat counterparts.

As for the current SCC, I do not know some of the incoming members so I will assume that Bleeding Heartland is correct and not simply assuming everyone’s race. I a may be the only POC (person of color) on the new SCC.

On the other hand I identify as:

  • African – one of my grandmothers was black
  • Asian – one of my grandfathers was Chinese
  • Pacific Islander – my mother is from Guam
  • Hispanic – my mother has an hispanic maiden name
  • Native American – my mother is ethnically Chamorro (Chamorro are the indigenous people of Guam, a US Territory)

So, the GOP SCC may be even more diverse than the Democrat SCC once I take office … even if I am the only POC 🙂

I guess the GOP decided to elect me to check off five boxes on the diversity checklist. It’s certainly easier than electing five different POCs!

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